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About Us



Keshav Battery House is one of the most reputed Exide Battery in Hisar is basically known for dealing with high-quality batteries that perfectly suit your specific needs. The website of this Exclusive shop represents almost all the products available with it.  Moreover, many of the products available with this business perfectly suit your specific needs. If you are not able to find a product that that perfectly suits your specific needs that perfectly your specific needs, then you can always feel free to contact the experts associated with this business. These professionals would be more than happy to help you select the right product. This business has the record of building a reputation on the basis of its commitment to quality and excellence. It has grown from being a very modest business and understands the needs specific of both small startups and large multinational corporations. Not only this, it is fully equipped to cater to the needs of a wide range of customers. The experts associated with this business always focus working as a team and maintain a very strong work ethics that has led the Exide dealer in Hisar to a very high position. This business serves its clients with customized battery solutions. Not only this, it can also serve you with a customized solution for your specific needs. Most of its customers are either customers or referred by old clients that itself speaks about the quality of service offered by this business. This Exide store is one final battery solution. This business offers most of its products at much less price as compared to the market without making any compromise with the quality of the products offered by it. They ensure you get a top class performance each time.  Most importantly, they can also be an effective weapon for beating the extreme heat and power cuts that have become very frequent, especially in today’s date. The batteries available with this business are Turbulent as well as Flat plate inverter batteries. Most of the batteries are featured with a technology that seals the material inside with the help of a specially designed polyester tube. They hardly require any kind of electrolyte maintenance that some of the ordinary batteries may require. This Exide shop is also reputed for dealing with Car batteries that allow you to enjoy each ride like new by improving the overall performance of your car to the level that you have always wanted.    Most of these batteries hardly require any maintenance and are compatible with most of the cars, SUVs as well as MUVs available out there in India, regardless of their brand and make. The experts associated with this business help you to make a comparison based on both price as well as features that you surely help you select a product that perfectly suits your specific needs. The latest range of products available at this exclusive Exide store are absolutely maintenance car batteries. Moreover, they are featured with high reliability and long life. These products are usually delivered factory charged that makes them absolutely easy to use. 

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                                              Keshav Battery House
                                              Owner Name : Mr Balbir singh
                                              Phone: 9466025473
                                              Shop No. 26,Auto Market,Hisar